Nivell System - The Complete Joist System for floors, ceilings and walls

The idea behind Nivell System comes from two construction workers. Many years of experience of heavy and time-consuming work leveling and laying joists on concrete floors convinced them that there had to be a better and simpler solution. With an abundance of ambition and inventiveness they took on the task. By 1993 they had succeeded and received the patent for Nivell System.

Since then Nivell System has developed into a comprehensive floor support system that is type approved by Sitac, the Swedish Institute for technical Approval in Construction. Today it is not only the problem of uneven flooring that has been resolved. The ingenious design also means that problems pertaining to strict sound insulation requirements and sick buildings are a thing of the past for those who choose Nivell System.

Nivell System

A complete introduction to the floor joist system. Learn more about installation, ventilation and noise reduction and how you can benefit from using our products.



Detailed instructions and examples for the planning and installation of the floor joist system based on best practice. You also find our product range (material and tools) as well as a self-inspection plan.



Detailed instructions for planning and installing our ventilation system. Learn more how the system establishes a controlled air flow and negative pressure in the floor void, and which products are needed to accomplish this.



Nivell system’s unique floor structure and its recognised acoustic properties contribute to and satisfy the need for a pleasant, quiet indoor environment for users.


Checklist for Nivell System

Checklist for Nivellinstallation

Existing installation instructions must be followed, here you will find a checklist for Nivellmontage



Nivell skruv



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